Hello and welcome. I'm Marise...

I've been on a quest for health and happiness my whole life which has evolved into a passion for understanding what it means to be human and live an extra-ordinary life.

My work is helping others do the same—so they can live joyfully, with vitality and self-expression.  

After going through my own personal (and sometimes painful) awakenings and deep healing, I have committed my life to be of service to others guiding people towards greater vitality, inner peace and clarity of mind.

As a teacher & lecturer, I’m excited to work with individuals and groups on their quest for self-discovery and personal wellbeing.

I offer individual sessions, group classes, workshops and certification programs grounded in my years of study and practice in: energy therapies, yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition, and advanced spiritual studies.

As a fellow student, my journey of discoveries continues me along on an ever-deepening path to greater listening and learning and expanding my understanding of human and spiritual embodiment.

Professional Credentials:

I am a certified in/as: Master Trame Practitioner & Trainer ● Master Trainer in Integrated Energy Therapy ● Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher – RYT500 ● Meditation Teacher ● Registered Holistic Nutritionist - RHN ● Certified Professional Cancer Coach – CPCC  ● Certified Health Educator