find freedom from your pain.
reduce your stress.

Trame Vibrational Therapy - A Gentle & Effective Treatment.


the power of Trame


Are you suffering through life or health challenges?

Divorce, personal loss, unwelcomed diagnosis, chronic or acute pain, career or financial challenges, emotional difficulty, focus or concentration issues, relationship drama, and childhood trauma can all deflect from our overall well being, draining us of our naturally joyful state.

If you feel consumed by elevated stress levels, numa has a gentle and very effective solution.

Trame vibrational therapy is a gentle and non-intrusive process that works at the cellular level to clear & align the body’s framework. Through the release of physical & emotional blockages, the body is restored to its original healthy state.


Client data reveals significant improvements after just 3 sessions.


71% decrease in physical discomfort

64% increase in physical energy

81% increase in emotional clarity

83% increase in relationship ease

I was amazed at the positive changes I felt physically. I’ve had lots of different treatment modalities but none of these have completely healed my hip. Since my first treatment with Trame I have not experienced any discomfort.
— Toni Oliver

numa programs are designed to maximize your holistic approach to life.


Living vibrantly is a lifestyle. And we can help you create it.

Whether you need help learning how to:
make cleaner food choices
relax and release blocked energy in your body
tame the circus in your mind
adjust your perspective and the way you interact with the world

We have a session or a class to help.


numa vibe

Harmonize & align your energy with Trame healing.

numa expand

Increase your vitality & awareness with Kundalini yoga.

numa mind

Quiet your mind & become present in the moment.

numa life

Personal coaching to support your wellness journey.

I feel happier, less irritable, more optimistic, flexible, lucky, more satisfied, and less judgmental. I also no longer have dependence on caffeine or emotional eating.
— David L.

I'm Marise Foster and I’ve helped hundreds of people feel lighter and more vibrant in practical and provable ways with Trame Vibrational Therapy.

As we move through life, we accumulate stories, patterns, and stress that often gets buried deep in our tissues. It's easy to notice the results of this stagnation in the form of physical pain, excess weight, hot-headed impatience, or the "why does this always happen to me" relationships we seem to attract over and over.

What's nearly impossible to pinpoint is the root cause of many physical and emotional issues—the trapped energy that has been stored in our cells. This lodged residue is heavy and blocks the radiant flow of ease and peace in our lives. And THAT causes us to live less vibrantly than we know we deserve.

Through in-person and phone sessions, I help people find those blocks and finally let go—to feel free and radiant in ways they weren't sure was even possible.


Expand your wellness practice.
Become a certified Trame Vibrational Therapy practitioner.


For progressive health and wellness professionals; and those passionate about helping others enjoy greater quality of life.

This gentle and non-intrusive bodywork technique creates adjustments at the cellular level to clear, align, and harmonize the body’s framework. The process helps release deep emotional trauma as well as physical and psycho-spiritual blockages.

The effects from a single session can be profound and lasting.

With every treatment I could feel my body and mind getting lighter. My body temperature went up to a very comfortable level and my joint pains improved, my body feels softer. La Trame for me was a gentle, loving and effective way of clearing my body and mind of all the burdens it was carrying.
— Murielle Bollen


Deepen the effects of Trame and avoid your body's desire to slide back into old patterns in my Kundalini Yoga classes. Experience an increased sense of calm to help you continue your free and vibrant journey.


Learn to experience relief from your physical senses and mind chatter in meditation classes that help focus your awareness on the most pure part of yourself. Go within for expansion and ease in every area of your life.

As a result of my series of Trame treatments, the weakness and discomfort in my left knee was resolved. Also, the discomfort and range of motion in my left arm has improved. Most amazingly physically, is that my lower back pain has disappeared. I have had chronic mild back pain for many years. A few days after my first session, I noticed it was gone and remains so as I write this five months later.
— Joanne H.