Metabolic balance


Self-care and support is not a luxury.
It's essential to your well-being.


I'll help you improve and maintain your health by regulatating your body's natural function with the right food and habit.  


A positive side-effect of healthy nutrition is weight loss.
Together, we'll discover new possibilities on reaching your health goals.


At last a personalized diet just for you.

Distance sessions are available.


The Nutritional Concept

Metabolic Balance® is a personalized integrated nutritional approach that is designed to reduce internal stress. Your body becomes empowered to regain health and vitality and in some cases reverse disease.

If you are experiencing digestive discomforts, sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances, cravings, emotional stress and stubborn weight around the mid section you may want to reach out to be empowered on what you can do to support your body. 

We do a complete health evaluation which includes Live Blood Cell Analysis, goal setting and emotional awareness. 


    Your nutritional plan is unique and exists only once. This is because of the way the plans are created using:

    • blood values,
    • personal measurements,
    • personal details of the client.
    • With this information Metabolic Balance® can provide a plan that it tailored to your exact needs and can even include information regarding:

    • allergies,
    • illnesses,
    • individual preferences or dislikes.
    • This offers a great opportunity to the growing number of people, who are already following a restricted diet – but also, for those who simply value their health.

      The Metabolic Balance® Plan is focused on the improvement and maintenance of health. A positive side-effect of healthy nutrition is often weight loss.

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    How does it work?

    Reach your goal, faster!

    • Appointment -  To understand more about Metabolic Balance® , talk through your goals and requirements and submit initial information.
    • Blood sample  – The results of your blood test will form the foundations to your personal nutrition plan.
    • Your personal nutrition plan – You will receive an individual nutrition plan with healthy and varied meals. It is surprising how easy it is to change your diet. There are 8 important rules to support you.
    • Personal Coaching – I will coach and support you through the program. You can contact your coach at any time, so feel free to ask questions and share your progress. In return you will receive lts of practical tips and motivational advice.
    • The Phases – You are ready to start your 4 phased program.
    • Phase I. This phase begins the process of detoxification and elimination and is key in preparing your metabolism for the next phase.

      Phase II. For the first two weeks, you must only eat the foods specified on your personal nutrition plan.

      After this, oil will be re-introduced to your diet alongside the occasional ‘treat’ meal, where you can enjoy whatever you like.

      Phase III. Additional foods will be added to your food list.

      Phase IV. On the basis of your knowledge, and experience with the previous three phases, you can now experiment for yourself and get to know which foods are right for you.  Now you can begin to slowly ease yourself away from the plan, whilst still following the nutrition advice you have learned during the program.