Cultivating Radiance

Your radiance is an inner beauty that shines through. It is subtle and is also perceivable by others. It gives off a feeling of comfort to those who are around you.

This week end I had the privilege to experience this comfort while being in the presence of someone. It is an uplifting, expansive feeling that is so beautiful.

Our Radiance is emitted by our Aura also known as our electromagnetic field. Scientist have acknowledged that our bodies are electrical organisms and since all the messages carried on our neural pathways are transmitted electrically, it results in our bodies having an electromagnetic field that emanates from it. It is this oval shell of energy, shimmering with light.

Our Aura is a powerful force that serves to protect us and repel negativity. kind of like the earths atmosphere. When the field is not strong people report experiencing themselves “picking up” the emotions of others.  

There are two ways we can expand our electromagnetic field.

  1. The first is to live your souls mission. By doing what you love and are passionate about, your radiance becomes the strongest with the deep sense of fulfillment.

  2. The other way is to mechanically expand the electromagnetic field with specific breath, movement and mudra (hand position)

Cultivating Radiance by expanding the Electromagnetic field.

Here is a great exercise that you can do before leaving the house that is uplifting and energizing. It will change your aura to be magnetic. You just need to practice this 1 to 3 minutes to get a nice boost.


Sit cross legged or stand - extend your arms out to the side parallel to the ground with palms facing up. Clench the finder and keeping the hand rigid like a claw.

Raise the arms up crossing the wrists overhead returning the arms back out by your sides, parallel to the ground. Move powerfully, and coordinate the breath with the movement. Alternating the crossing of the wrist with the right arm forward and then behind.  Breathing powerfully through the nose, Inhale as you raise the arms up and exhale as you lower the arms

Practice for 1 to 3 minutes.

The effects of this exercise:

This exercise not only helps to expand the electromagnetic field, it also works on the frequency of the brain. The fingers pressurize the areas of the brain related to its function. The lymph and nervous system are tuned up and the powerful breath stimulates the pituitary gland and causes the pineal gland to change the frequency of the radiance of your magnetic field.  

Cultivate your inner energy, your radiance, and be the difference in the world.


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Be well.

Sat Nam