How Trame can help you balance out stress in your life.

Are you struggling with life or health challenges?

Divorce, personal loss, unwelcomed diagnosis, chronic or acute pain, career, emotional difficulty, focus or concentration issues, relationship drama, and childhood trauma?

These can all deflect from our overall well being, draining us of our naturally vital state.

If you feel consumed by elevated stress levels, I invite you to read on to see how Trame technique may help.

Trame is a revolutionary hand on technique that re-educates the body’s response mechanism a:d brings balance between body, mind & emotion. This is being studied in the recent science of neuropsychology. In the near future, this technique will be prescribed by medical professionals for treating various conditions.

If you know anything about computers, you can imagine this technique working similar to defragmenting the hard drive of a computer and rebooting the system. One can expect an optimization and efficiency of processing.

Let me explain:

our body is a repository of emotions, memories, beliefs, pains and traumas from the past. The more emotional baggage one carries such as grudges, disputes, disappointments, resentments and personal abusive thought patterns, the more the body accumulates this emotional energy. Over time this emotional energy condenses to interfere with the body’s processing mechanism causing dis-ease. We can think of it in the same way of having too many cars on a highway where traffic is slow and even stopped.

What is emotion?

Emotion is an energy that we generate for propelling us us into action. We all need emotion to act in the world otherwise we would do nothing. Some people love drama because it makes their life exciting. However, what goes in must come out.  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but rather transmuted, and this transmutation is expressed in two ways either dynamic or a thermic release.

Let's look closer.

You just won the lottery, what would you do? The emotion inside is so intense you cannot contain yourself and you start calling your friends to share the good news. You start jumping up and down and screaming with excitement. You are dissipating the energy of your joy in a dynamic expression.

Now imagine a friend gets very angry, his face turn beat read and he paces up and down. The redness is heat and the pacing is the dynamic expressions.  

When the energy of emotion is trapped within the body it will agitate and cause heat or movement.   

How does this trapped emotional energy affect the body?

At the physical level, pathologies that end with “itis” typically involve inflammation. Inflammatory diseases are heat related conditions where the symptoms show up as red, burning, hot symptoms. Psoriasis, rashes, eczema, colitis, etc. are redness and heat released through the skin. Chronic pathologies may manifest as crystallizations that cause tensions, masses and mystery pains that cannot be identified by the medical devices.  At the emotional level one may experience a feeling of overwhelm, discouragement, anxiousness, or depression.

We can see how these pathologies involve either thermal or dynamic release.  

Who can benefit from the Trame Technique?

Trame therapy is recommended to all persons looking to improve their wellbeing and relieve stress. It is ideal for those with any level of discomfort or dis-ease, from infant to adult – from discouragement, anxiousness, or depression.

We can see how these pathologies chronic or acute concerns to clients in palliative care.

As a complementary treatment to medical protocols it can be an important support to anyone needing mental or emotional comfort in the face of any life event, treatment, surgery or for relief from side effects of medication.

How can Trame Technique help?

  1. Emotional wellbeing: Clients are left feeling an inner peace and centeredness that was not present before.    
  2. Improved concentration and clarity: Clients are more confidence in themselves with a knowing what actions need to be taken in their life.
  3. Increase in energy: Clients gain a joy for life that manifests as an increase in productivity and accomplishment.
  4. Decrease in pain: Clients experience an alleviation of pain whether it be physical or emotional in nature.   
  5. Improved communication and relationships: Clients have expressed an ease in communication and ability to relate to others effectively.

The power of this technique is in its ability to balance the body and releasing the surplus of electromagnetic static caused from emotion.

If you know anyone who is looking for emotional relief, a sense of balance in their body and life or find freedom from pain, let them know that there is an effective solution for them.

The Trame technique is a one-hour session that can be experienced by booking an appointment with Marise Foster.

A training will be offered at the end of September 2017 in the GTA of Ontario.

Be well,