What does your internal state have to do with digestion?

Have you ever had indigestion, food sensitivities, bloating and other digestive complaints? If yes, you may be interested in this article.

We are very complex beings and I have come to believe that our inner state dictates how well our digestive system performs. It has been proven scientifically that when we are in a stressed state, the digestive system is shut down. This goes back in time when survival was eminent. If we come face to face with a bear, we need all our resources to fight or run from it. The digestive system is the least important system in this situation, therefore, it is shut down to allocate the energy to other part of the body. Even though today we are not running from bears, perceived stress has the same effects on the body.

Imagine, you are out for lunch, you order a beautifully prepared salad. Unfortunately your company turns sour and you find yourself in a dispute or in a situation where you wish you could leave. Being in a state of threat or resistance may have a direct impact on your digestion. You may not benefit from the nutrients this salad has to offer. If your inner state is shut down or not receptive to the person you are with, then you may not be receptive the food you are ingesting. The resistance may cause more acid base environment, a lack in production of digestive enzymes, and eventually indigestion.

The opposite may also be true. You are having a fabulous time with great company. You ended up eating something that you would not normally eat. You realize that you had no issues digesting and all is well. Why is this so?

Our inner state has more to do with our health than anything else. Consider that our stomach is the furnace of the house. We need a strong fire to burn wood to generate heat. If the furnace is not in full power, capable and knowing it can burn what it is given then there may be difficulties.

Let me share an analogy.

The furnace represents your inner fire. Your personal power. You have an ability to take things coming in from the outside whether they be ideas, beliefs, information and food. You get to take it in and chew and chew and sitting with it in the stomach (your core). Here you can take what your need and discard what your do not want. Things come at us all the time, if we believe everything and eat everything that comes at us, then we are not well. Physically we will be overweight, dense and immobile. Emotionally we may be in a a state of overwhelm and confusion.  The opposite is also true, if we resist everything then cannot benefit from the nutrients or gifts that are meant to contribute to us.  

Many people live with a lot of resistance. We resist or survive other person’s communication and that is mainly because we listen in such a way that we make it mean something about our self.   


Here are a few tips to consider.

1) When eating, take a deep breath and be receptive to what you are about to eat.

2) Listen to people in such a way that you hear what they are saying, and you get their experience. Keep yourself out their story. Listen without making it about you.

 3) Know yourself as being perfect, whole and complete. Be in discovery of the world around you. You can be open to ideas and trying new things on without having to buy everything.

Life is an experience.

When you notice your defenses going up, pay attention to what has affected your inner state to change to become resistant. This inquiry may reveal to you great healing opportunity.

 I have been on a quest for health and happiness my whole life. I currently specialize with emotions and overall well being. I help people identify what is in the way of their magnificence so they can live with confidence and self-expression in the world with freedom and ease. If you are looking to have a full health assessment completed on your physical and emotional well being, it would be my pleasure to support you in identifying your shadows and provide your with strategies to clear them so you can and live empowered with yourself.

Marise Foster