What is in the way of your Magnificence?

Has anyone every tell you how magnificent you are and you did not believe them?

What is the best way to express this to someone and have them really get that they are magnificent and accept it as truth?

This past weekends Body-Soul Healing Retreat was a manifestation of having a group of women acknowledge themselves as being magnificent and truly getting it.

Well in order for me to be the clearing for others magnificence,  I had to be the clearing for myself first.

This past weekend was a milestone for me. For the longest time, I had wanted to host a retreat and never had the guts to do it. There was always something in the way. I did not know how to do it. I did not know what it was supposed to look like. I was afraid no one would have interest to come. Did I have the skill to do this? Would I be good enough? Do I have what it takes? I don’t have the money. What if it is a disaster? There were so many considerations that got in the way and stopped me for creating it.

This past November sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Orlando, Florida I was challenged to create something in the world from nothing. A creation that had a beginning, middle and end. Something that would require teams and teamwork and something that would challenge me. I could not think of anything better to do than the retreat I had always dreamed about.

A team came together, ideas were shared, actions were taken and slowly things started to come together. It was coming together the same way as creating something with playdoh. You keep molding the dough until it gets closer and closer to resembling what you set out to create.  

Right when I thought everything was aligned and perfect– things fell apart. I found myself falling to the ground like to Drop Zone at Wonderland. I had become completely dis-empowered by a series of unfulfilled expectations that I translated in my head as failure. This pulled me right out of my game. My own limiting belief stepped in and I found myself flirting with letting go of the retreat.   

What is in the way your magnificence?

This statement became the theme for the weekend retreat. Birthing this retreat required me to release what was in the way of my magnificence. I had to get authentic and vulnerable and allow myself to be contributed to. I had to get out of my way and bring myself back to believing in the idea that I had set out to create several months earlier.

After a series of conversations, I got to the point of let go of the negative mantra that played in the background of my mind. “I was not important, not good enough and no one cares”. Luckily, I am surrounded with people who only see my magnificence and regardless how stuck I got, every conversation I had reminded me of my truth and allowed me to see what was possible again.

What manifested this past week end was being the clearing for 11 strangers to come together, get vulnerable and authentic with themselves, to share and connect with each other in a safe and sacred space. A space that allowed them to discover for themselves what limiting belief sabotage their own life. It was an emotional cleansing.

During the unfolding of the weekend, the limiting belief was identified, intentionally released into a stone that was then painted to give it a face.

 The women then had a chance to go throw to stone into the pond. The stone would sink with the heaviness of this burden to the bottom of the pond to land in Mother Natures arms to be nurtured and the energy purified and recycled.

The women then had an opportunity to create themselves newly with loving words and affirmation by writing on rose petals and throwing them into the wind to be recorded into the ethers. This action of throwing the rose petals in the air was as rewarding as a finishing class tossing their graduation caps up in the air. It certainly was something to be celebrated.

The retreat was more than the manifestation of long desired dream; what started with an idea - created a wave of magnificence that started with myself and expanded to 10 other women to know themselves as magnificent and this wave will continue to expand in their lives and reach so many more people.

What I am left with is deep gratitude for the people who listen to me as magnificent. How I was able to listen to my team as magnificent. How we all created a safe space for the ladies to experience their magnificence.

I have completed my challenge in fulfilling on my promise of the retreat. In the process I was stretched beyond my comfort zone, I worked with a team and caused leadership, I allowed myself to be contributed to and I know myself as a powerful leader and a healer in the world. The best part was to witness 10 ladies discover their magnificence.

The retreat completed with the creation of a Life Destiny Statement and the creation of a bracelet infused with personal magnificence and Goddess Power as a reminder of our truth.

I am grateful to all those who contributed directly and indirectly in this masterpiece. Thank you to my team David Lightwood, Murielle Bollen, Linda Procopio, Debra McNaughton – I could not have done this without you.

We are all magnificent, there are only shadows in the way. The recipe to shift from being dis-empowered to empowered is the willingness to be authentic and vulnerable, be in communication and allow others to contribute to you in a supportive way. The willingness to let go of the limiting belief and powerfully create an empowering one.  

If you would like to uncover your magnificence, it would be my pleasure to work with you in letting your light shine.  Reach out to me at Benuma.com