Welcome to numa

Welcome to my first blog Ever!!

I am so excited to reach out to you this way to share my well-being journey with you. My intention is to share life tips and strategies based on my own experiences and successes. I hope they inspire you to live an empowered life filled with health and wellbeing.

For my first blog, I want to introduce you to what numa and the pillars of health and what kind of gems you can expect to find here.

numa is all about creating strong foundations for living healthy and happy lives. The intention is to share topics that create an opening for you to try on and experience for yourself that which may make a huge difference in what you are dealing with. In the process will lead you to live with more freedom and ease so you can reach your fullest potential.

numa life  |   physical health

My life shifted after I left my corporate job and went back to school to study holistic nutrition. Learning about my body and how it functions fascinated me. I wondered why this was not taught in regular school since we all have a body. For me, I really got the inter connectivity of all parts of the body. I understood how the digestive system is a foundation block to health. If something goes wrong here, it causes a domino effect that impacts the rest of the body.

What was fascinating about changing what I ate to a whole food diet is how my skin transformed. I had been dealing with Rosacea where dermatologist advised me that there was no cure for this condition and I had to take tetracycline for the rest of my life. I will not go into the damage I caused to myself by following this protocol but rather share the miracle of watching the cysts on my face dissolve and disappear. I went from Pizza face to baby face.  In future blogs, we will explore nutrition in as many ways as possible. We will look at food as a sensory enjoyment, but especially the impact food has on our well being and vitality in both positive and negative ways. We will talk about food sensitivities, allergies and how to support our digestive system through clean nutrition, detoxification, best lifestyle practices, movement, strategic breathing patterns and more. I will even talk about environmental hazards and how to create a safe Haven for you and your family to live in.

I will do my best to help see things that you were not aware of before like how to interpret your symptoms to be empowered in making the necessary changes for yourself and your health.

It is just a matter of trying it out and experiencing for yourself what works and does not work because you are the only one living in your body. As you start understanding what your body is telling you, you will be able to give it what it needs to find homeostasis. The body is always trying to find homeostasis, the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium.

numa vibe  |  emotional health

Just like food, we deal with emotions everyday. Most of the time we have no idea what we are feeling or what is going on except that they are pleasant or unpleasant. It is truly a sensory phenomenon.

The easiest way to explain emotions is defining it as life itself. Emotions are what animate us into action.  Without emotions, life would be boring. We would not be motivated to do anything.

To understand ourselves we look to our parents and friends to helps us understand what we are feeling. Our society teaches us that boys don’t cry and girls don’t get angry. We are told to bite our tongue and not undermine authority.  

Just like anyone, I had to experience the pain and suffering that manifested from supressing my emotions and not speaking my truth – in other words withholding my self expression. I had to get curious and start asking questions to eventually figure out what emotional health really is. Now my whole practice stems around helping people clear the debris that we have accumulated over a lifetime that is trapped in our cellular blueprint. This emotional debris is the source of fire in the body and interference in energetic pathways in the body.  

There are two ways we misuse our emotions and this we will explore more in greater detail in future blogs. We either suppress our emotions or we react to them. We suppress our natural expression to look good, to avoid conflict and to ‘be nice’. The other way we misuse our emotions is to react to them. This would be like throwing a ball of fire across the room to the person in front of you. Weather they are innocent or guilty it is a set up for a game of hot potato that ends up in both parties getting burned.  

In future blogs we will explore what emotional wellness is, why we have them emotions, how to interpret their gifts, the impact of emotional deficiency and emotional excess on mental health and how to experience emotions in health ways.  We will explore the mind-body connection, stress resilience, mindfulness and more.

numa mind  |  living empowered

I have not met many people who started off their life with an empowering context to live by. There is always some version or another of feeling of separation. A feeling of not fitting in, not being good enough, important, heard or wanted.

When we come into this world, we have no idea where we are, who we are or what our purpose is. The bummer is that there are no ‘How to be a Human Being for Dummies” manual to study from. It is all on the court learning and figure it out one step at a time. There is no right or wrong way to life. Depending on where you land on the planet the rules to live by are all different. There are some common laws that we will get to explore in future blogs.

One day at the of age 3 years old, I found myself playing in the sandbox pondering on what was happening. I had recently said something that my Dad had not approved of and this created a sensation in my body that did not feel very good. In that moment at the ripe age of 3 years I declared to myself that I would never share my thoughts again and no one would ever know what I was thinking out of fear of getting it wrong again. From that moment on, I developed myself in becoming a master chameleon.   This had its advantages and disadvantages.  But in the end, I had to face myself and the world I was in. Hiding is a survival instinct that comes naturally, however, when we want to life an extra-ordinary life that is empowering, one that inspires you to get up everyday and dance with life – you must change the context you view the world from. I had to change my context from one of a disempowered child to one of an empowered Woman that is a contribution to the world.

The more I face my fears and share my successes, the more I make a different in what people are dealing with. Together we can create a world that is inspiring to live in.   

In future blogs, I promise to share myself in the most authentic way. I will share on topics of perceptions, clear communication, conflict resolution, relationship, living an extraordinary life you love with purpose Joy.

numa expand  |  the art of living

When I started off on my path,  the people in my life kept telling me how scattered I was and how I lacked focus and direction. I could not explain it at the time but I knew I was onto something. Eventually, everything that I was studying came together.

Lifestyle is bringing all the good stuff we learned and put it all into practice. It becomes an art of living. In yoga, we call our daily practice Sadhana.  Sadhana is your personal practice that sets up your day up for success. Your day flows with ease and is filled with synchronicities and miracles.

My intention is to share and empower you how to chose life moment by moment. By choosing powerfully, you claim your place as captain at the helm of your ship. In future blogs, I will share more about choosing powerfully, deciding, commitment, overcoming breakdowns, integrity and living life from a place of BEING.

This life is your great adventure we understand through uncharted waters.  

The more you expand your awareness and the depth of your Being you will experience the gifts life has to offer.

I look forward to hearing from you through your stories and questions you may have. And I will do my best to respond back here.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. It means a lot to me and know that you did not come across these words by chance but rather that you were guided here. Life works in mysterious to unite us in this time and space.

I wish you love and happiness. Know that you are already whole and complete with nothing missing.