Kundalini Yoga and Sat Kriya

Sat Kriya is the most powerful Kriya in Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. Yogi Bhajan said that Kundalini Yoga is a fast path to our radiance. He went on to say, ‘What can be accomplished in 3 years with a committed practice of Kundalini Yoga can also be attained with 20 years of Hatha Yoga.’ The questions is how come?

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What is in the way of your Magnificence?

Has anyone every tell you how magnificent you are and you did not believe them?

What is the best way to express this to someone and have them really get that they are magnificent and accept it as truth?

This past weekends Body-Soul Healing Retreat was a manifestation of having a group of women acknowledge themselves as being magnificent and truly getting it.

Well in order for me to be the clearing for others magnificence,  I had to be the clearing for myself first.

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Step out of your busy life, imposed demands, never ending To-Do lists into a peaceful place to recharge and rejuvenate from deep inside.  

Experience a nourishing lifestyle and leave inspired, filled with love, connection and vitality. April 6-8  Friday 5:00pm to Sunday 3:00pm 

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Cultivating Radiance

Your radiance is an inner beauty that shines through. It is subtle and is also perceivable by others. It gives off a feeling of comfort to those who are around you.

This week end I had the privilege to experience this comfort while being in the presence of someone. It is an uplifting, expansive feeling that is so beautiful.

Our Radiance is emitted by our Aura also known as our electromagnetic field. Scientist have acknowledged that our bodies are electrical organisms and since all the messages carried on our neural pathways are transmitted electrically, it results in our bodies having an electromagnetic field that emanates from it. It is this oval shell of energy, shimmering with light.

There are two ways we can expand our electromagnetic field.

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Spring Body-Soul Detoxification Retreat

You know spring has arrived when the tips of the trees turn of hue of green and you see the lawn covered in yellow button flowers. Dandelions grow in abundance in the spring despite us trying to eradicate them. Perhaps it’s Mother Nature's way to hint that we should eat them instead of kill them since dandelions are best known for supporting our liver to cleans the poisons out of our body. 

Join us on April 6-7-8, 2018 for a Body Soul Detoxification and Renewal Retreat. It is a great opportunity to shed the accumulated winter toxins.

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Choose an idea that inspires you and make it a reality.

The One Mind

Many of the spiritual books I read say that our mind is one with God’s mind. That God’s will is my will and my will is really His will and so that makes us One.  

If this is true, what I get inspired by and take action on to manifest in the world, is really an unfolding what is meant to be. I see God as this unified omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient of all potentiality and we are fragments of this omni Mind. We get to unfold pieces of potentiality through our self expression here in this world. The collection of all fragments of life in the universe make up the one mind Oneness

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Welcome to numa

Welcome to my first blog Ever!!

I am so excited to reach out to you this way to share my well-being journey with you. My intention is to share life tips and strategies based on my own experiences and successes. I hope they inspire you to live an empowered life filled with health and wellbeing.

For my first blog, I want to introduce you to what numa and the pillars of health and what kind of gems you can expect to find here.

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